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Offer the best XM Rebate

You trade 1 standard Lot, We pay USD8 Rebate

You trade 100 micro Lot, We pay USD8 Rebate

frxgroup8 is an official Introducing Broker of XM. We have been cooperating with XM and has been trusted to help all traders who will and who have joined with XM.

Our main service is to provide the best XM rebate which is USD 8 rebate for each traded lot.

USD 8 rebate will be paid montly to your liberty reserve account or Malaysia's local bank account (Rate RM 3.10/USD)

Register your new account immediately and join us to get USD 7 rebate per lot.

To join, please open your account here

Confirm your account data here

We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.

You still confused? Please contact us via email, we will promptly reply to your message. Thank yo

With our current expansion, we are seeking dynamic individuals to join us as a Partner.

Join us now as XEMarkets Affliates and IB.

Get a fantastic support from us and a better offer than what is shown in the photos below.

To join, please register here

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We will send you a welcome email within 24 hours.

Join our weekly Free Forex Webinar to learn about Money Management, Trading technique and Trader’s Psychology from our Professional GURU,

Mr Avramis Despotis.